"CCB" MOVIE 2022

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Many thanks for the excellent film. The quality and the implementation of my fantasies are incredibly successful. I am also convinced of the acting performances. My wishes were implemented 100% in the film. I will come back to your company in the future. Thank you very much.

Three business women in sexy outfits want to kill their boss. The oligarch pays them a lot of money if they kill her boss in various ways. They wear black tight leather skirts and a black turtleneck sweater and black leather gloves and suspenders and real nylons, and high hells, the Heels (Stilettos)  must be pretty high. They  have stocking masks, garrotes and plastic bags in a silver suitcase that they carry by her  hand. In the first scene the women walk to their hotel room. The girls wait for her boss in the hotel room. The women have set up a camera because they want to film everything in order to sell it later. In the middle of the room you have set up a chair where they place her boss, he has no idea why the girls invited him. They immobilize him with an injection and then handcuff him to the chair. Then the girls turn on the camera. After he wakes up, they tell him they are going to make a video and kill him. The women pull nylon stockings as masks over their faces in order not to be recognized. One of the women is wearing a black stocking and the other two are wearing a skin-colored one over her face. For the killing scene the woman put medical gloves over her hand, they must be tight, (size S)  Then they begin to torment their boss. The first woman strangles him with a garrote. The second strangles him with her hands. Another smothered him with a clear plastic sack. It all had to be very tough and authentic.

2 ratings
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"CCB" MOVIE 2022

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