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«Just watched it and loved it. The acting was spot on… Fair enough they did a great job either way and I do have an idea for a sequel to this video».

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Bad Girls, Shootout, Gangster-Girls, Gurl With Gun, Shooting, Machine Guunned, Closed eyes death stares, Jeans, Military Outfits, Bodypiles. Soldiers, Battle, Closing eyes to dead girl, Opened eyes Death Stare

Actresses: Helga-Black Bra, Dark Blue Jeans, biker boots, black Leather Jacket and no belly button ring

Judi- Black Bra, Black Jeans, Biker Boots, black Leather Jacket and no belly button ring

Sally and Bella Lenina- Camo pants, Black Combat boots, and a white belly shirt.

Helga plays the part of the leader of a biker gang gearing up for a war with a rival biker gang. Judi is the second in command and came with Helga to back her up in case something goes wrong that would involve a gun fight. Sally plays the part of the weapons dealer and Bella is her backup. I would like to have this in English.

Helga and Judi reach the warehouse that they were to meet with the weapons dealer. Helga takes out her phone and calls the dealer

Helga- “Were here. Where are you” After a short pause as if she was getting a response “I’ll be there” She then hangs up the phone.

Helga- “She says to wait by the desk in the warehouse”

Judi- “I don’t like this. It smells like a setup”

Helga- “Ya I feel that to but we need those guns. Just keep your eyes peeled and don’t trust them.”

Judi- “Right”

Helga and Judi enter the warehouse and Helga sits down in the chair and Judi stays standing and scouting the area with her eyes.

After a short while Sally and Bella enters the warehouse.

Sally- “Welcome ladies I heard that you are looking for some weaponry. I have the equipment just for you but it’s not going to be cheap.”

Helga- “Money’s not going to be a problem as long as the weapons perform to our liking”

Sally- “That’s not going to be an issue. These weapons are the best money can buy. And these weapons don’t jam as much.”

Helga- “Let’s see them”

Sally- “You know the price. Let me see the cash first”

Helga- “Judi go get the case”

Judi- “Yes boss” Judi then leaves the warehouse to go get the briefcase. She then reenters the warehouse with briefcase in hand and handcuffed to her wrist. She walks up to Sally and opens the case and shows her the money.

Sally- Looks like everything is in order. Bella go and retrieve the weapons” Bella nods at Sally and leaves to get the weapons. Judi closes the case and then walks back to the table and sits down on it.

Bella then reenters the warehouse with a machinegun in hand and then she open fires shooting Jodi multiple times in the chest. Jodi then falls back on the table with legs hanging down and arm with case hanging down from the side of the table as well.

Helga manages to escape the bullets and finds cover. She takes out her gun and manages to shoot Bella in the chest multiple times killing her. Bella falls flat on her back with legs spread out and belly button perfectly showing and no blood on it with eyes closed and some blood sliding down her mouth and a pool of blood forming from underneath her. Sally runs out of the warehouse. Helga goes over to Jodi seeing that she was still alive.

Helga- “Jodi hang in there. Stay with me”

Jodi- “Forget me go after her. You need those guns. There is nothing you can do I’ll be dead soon just don’t let her get away”

After Jodi says that she then dies with eyes opened. Helga checks her pulse and sees that she is dead. She closes her eyes and then goes to the direction of the door. Sally then barges in the room with a gun and starts shooting. The two then shoots at each other and they both end up taking bullets. Helga takes a few bullets to the chest and still manages to stay standing and Sally falls to her knees and then falls backwards with legs still folded and dead with eyes closed and belly button fully shown and no blood on it. Helga then casually walks back to the chair and pulls it out and then sits down. She slides down the chair to get in a pose I will add to the script and dies with eyes closed and belly button fully shown and not blood on it. Get lots of pans of the 4 girls playing dead. 

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