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«Hi, Ugine!

thanks really really much for the other spectacular job!

The long first part that precedes the shootout scene is made exactly for me and therefore I appreciate a lot that you shooted it in this way.

Especially I like that you put a stress on the part in which the girls take their cowgirl clothes and the perfect mid part in which they have some innocent fun with their boyfriends (I like these extra added moments with legs on the table or Sally sitting on her boyfriend's lap).

Besides this great atmosphere and acting that at the vary beginning a little bit resembles the old classic movie Gone With the Wind I like some special details:

- the girls' short hair style that reveals fully their tender necks. It is damned hot,

- during the clothes putting on I love the moment in which Sally puts her white blouse into the trousers and when Trex puts her hat on with a very self-confident and serious (but still naive) expression. Also taking the belts and the clothes as whole are super sexy because it nicely shows the slim girls's bodies. It is again good for me that the clothes is as well very natural and not affected. This made another very nice element,

- finally the moment when Sally orders her boyfriend to go to help to fight his friend and this is the last thing she says to him is quite sensitive.

As a complete result this is a really my style film in which we can for a long time enjoy the girls' carelessness and their fun just before the fatal action and unexpected dark end».

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CAST: Chris TRex (New Actress!), Sally, Max, Wes

Western style story about cowgirls and their boyfriends revenge to bandits for attacks of their families and farms… Brave girls die in the firefight and their boyfriends ave a chance to revenge… 

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